Thank you for your interest!

I am looking for self-motivated graduate students and postdocs interested in developing ML theories and algorithms. Together, we will kickstart a research group at POSTECH EE, starting March 2022.


Please send me an email right away: jaeho-lee (at)
To make things faster, attach a CV/transcript/portfolio/anything-similar.

Here are some details about what our research group is going to be like.


Let me make it clear: You are expected to have your own research agenda. You should lead your own project on “any ML-related topic” that interests you the most. I have broad interests, and I will spend enough time to make myself a worthy discussion partner.

I have my own short-term goals as well. To list some of them:

  • I am trying to lay a theoretical & algorithmic foundation of deep learning models that enable a small-budget training of gigantic general-purpose models (some people call it foundation models).
  • I wish to understand how imposing certain constraints on the learning procedure affects the generalization and optimization properties of the learned model. For instance, what would be the “implicit bias” when we use reweighted loss functions? (say, for fairness reasons)

If you are also interested in relevant topics, you can definitely expect more expertise from me :)

Here are some other buzzwords that interest me the most: TinyML, Learning Theory, Algorithmic Fairness, Robust ML, ML & Mechanism Design.


The dust is yet to be settled, but here are some plans.

  • Weekly individual meetings: I would try my best to meet each student at least once a week. These meetings could be about either high-level research directions and/or low-level technical discussions. I would be also happy to have (an arbitrary number of) additional casual meetings if you want to give me quick updates, want quick comments, or literally anything else (including personal matters); just send me a message!

  • Biannual check-ups: At the end of each semester, I will additionally schedule one-on-one meetings for every students to have high-level discussions about your progress, career plans, and the assistance you expect from me as an advisor (for instance, we can fill out documents like these).

I am also planning on group seminars; the topic and frequency will be determined by the level of interest/expertise of the future group members!


Please take a closer look at the following notes:
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Jaeho Lee

ML researcher who also teaches. jaeho-lee (at)