I design algorithms and prove theorems.

Starting in March 2022, I am joining POSTECH EE as an assistant professor. If you are interested in working with me, please visit here.

Note: Trying my best to reply to all emails, but it is getting very difficult to do so. Sorry in advance if I miss your mail!


I am broadly interested in theoretical & algorithmic aspects of ML. My recent research focus is on Efficient Deep Learning. In particular, my latest works aim to

I have also worked on the topics of Machine Bias and Robust ML. See my papers to find out more.


I am an ML researcher at ALIN@KAIST, working with the venerable Jinwoo Shin. Before coming back to Daejeon, I completed my Ph.D. studies at the lovely cornfields of UIUC, under the supervision of the glorious Maxim Raginsky.

Jaeho Lee

ML researcher who also teaches. jaeho-lee (at) kaist.ac.kr